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THE competition

Join us on Saturday, September 3rd for a day of games and bragging rights.  
The competition is a best-of-3 across the following events:
1) Charity Fundraiser (Open to all)

We’re proud to be supporting Riley Children’s Hospital as part of the Punks Vs. Apes competition. When making a donation you will pick a side (Punks or Apes) that you want your donation to count toward and follow the donation progress as the competition starts heading up! Donations will be counted toward the competition until 4:30pm CT on the 3rd.

Note - by participating in the Charity Fundraiser - and choosing the winning side - you will receive a special commemorative winner’s NFT!


2) Beer Pong Tournament (Chicago only)

Partner matches, 10 Cups, 2 Re-racks, Eye-to-Eye Start, Balls Back, Bouncing for 2 Cups, Behind the Back Redemption On-Table, 3 Cup Overtime, Fire, Island, No Fingering or Blowing. The tournament is single elimination.


3) Poker Tournament (Chicago only)

No-Limit Texas Hold'em, 5000 Starting Chips, 15 Minute Blinds, Blinds Start @ 25/50, Buy-in included in the ticket. No rebuys.


The events on Saturday will be live streamed and simulcast into the Metaverse!  We’ll be producing a live stream including commentary so people around the world can watch the festivities and root for their side.